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Fantacy, Adventure

Messenger Girl

By Phoenix E.

464 0 0 2659

Elaina is a messenger girl in the king's army. Just as she's resigning, though, he has a mysterious task for her: deliver a letter to an unknown person. Elaina sets off with her best friend Dylan, and Jeila, one of the king's most elite guards, as she tries...

Remnant: Twilight (Book 1)

By ReaverArklight

1221 0 0 14321

Join the Adventures of Twilight Sparkle in a gritty retelling of the much beloved childrens story and series MLP. Explore a similar story told in a way more befitting of adult audience. Explore new Locations, learn new stories, witness new characters and events....

SABER, Roots of Hope

By sprodri7

1027 0 0 6481

The last oasis of relative peace in Hune, [Tundra](article:c8fb5d79-a4e0-4c03-ae1c-a82a7c2b6902) has remained untouched by years of battle. The inhabitants face reality as hopeless soldiers return home for a last stand. Leaders have fallen and the King issues...

Dance of the Crane

By NathaliaBooks1993

728 0 0 33495

The magic dance begins, Diàsha Sumero waves her fans. The sun begins to shine, the purple blossom opens its buds. A new beginning, but also the end to a normal life. When Diàsha Sumero turns sixteen, she discovers that she has been chosen to host the crane...


By MerryMagpie92

53 0 0 0

Stella thought she knew exactly where her place was in the world; honor roll, star of the track team, all-around well adjusted young woman. But maybe not. Maybe she wakes up one day and she's actually a clone that was grown in a glass tube. Maybe she has no...

Hero's Wife

By Walicia

120 0 0 0

Draft - needs to be rewritten: Hisakawa Natsuki was the constant topic of her gossiping neighbours. Widowed in her twenties, no family that come to visit her and connections with people that are clearly part of something shady. A woman who seemed to always...

Quest for Power


220 0 0 16472

Exiled and cursed by a god, Mecuniv encounters the last person she would ever expect to find in a dark alley, a Master from her home world of Velnevin. Fascinated by this girl, a species he has never seen in his thousands of years of life, Master Shadow insists...

The Isekai Anthology

By RiverFang

344 7 0 5999

[i]The Isekai Anthology[/i] is a collection of stories written about those who make their homes across the many planes and places of the world. Some of these may be the stories of heroes, the legends of the peoples of the world, but many of the stories found...

Might and Magic


250 0 0 6072

An willing warrior woman becomes entangled in the problems of a rouge wizard. Along the way of trying to cure a fatal curse, they learn a lot from each other and about themselves. THIS PUBLICATION IS NSFW. CONTENT WARNINGS: rape, beastiality, gore, enslavement