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Protectors of Caelderan

By Posledny Centurion

918 0 0 3057

No one truly remembers, when it all started, yet it changed our world to this day. The Great Conflict, beginning of the end. I speak to you as one of the last survivors of my kind. There was a time, ages ago when we, Faeldors, were one of the most enlightment...


By ynix

1250 2 0 1341

After pollution has reached toxic levels and the world's only nuclear reactor left melted down, society is on the brink. Governments try to provide survivors with supplies, but often cannot - people are dying too quickly. Then the new technology arrives....

The Oblivion Chronicles: Book 3 - Dawn of Destruction

By JHarris15

24499 11 0 70415

The Third Part of The Oblivion Series. The dead are speaking, after the events of the attack on Wolfrick manor, the group must deal with the aftermath of the attack, both mental and physical. As magic starts to creep back into the world for both good and...


By M. A. E. Krawczyk

742 0 0 0

Pedra is a world united beneath the watchful eyes of the Holy Mother, Kyra. It was she who defeated the great Daemon of the Void. It is by her gracious benevolence that those with magic in their veins are born to these holy lands. It is the honor of a lifetime,...


By M. A. E. Krawczyk

1400 0 0 1854

Pedra is a world united beneath the watchful eyes of the Holy Mother. Silvarus is a planet divided in the sudden absence of their Gods. Neither world can survive the changes to come without the influence of Fate itself.

What to do with revenge

By Bumblebeeanvil

265 0 0 0

When Avia wakes up after a horrible nightmare, where she was executed, she realizes that maybe it wasn't a nightmare at all. Maybe she got a second chance in life to protect those who she loves from the evil that lurks in the eyes of people she thought in...

The Oblivion Chronicles: Book 4 - Love and Loss

By JHarris15

22426 15 0 74599

The Fourth Part of The Oblivion Series. The Shadow has returned and evil has seemingly triumphed. The group must adapt to survive without Alan Wolfrick, with the worst still to come, and not all will see the end. Hope remains as they meet new allies amongst...

"Split Apart" - Draft 01

By Geigas

638 0 0 3202

To say that Eugene was having a difficult time acclimating to life behind the castle walls would be an understatement. Left to his devices for the better part of his days, and Rapunzel, whisked along the endless halls by her parents and dignitaries, he is...

Horizon Dawn (First Draft)

By Geigas

595 0 0 0

From Cataclysm they rose, stark white forms arising from the pitless black pools that seemed to drain the life from everything around them. It was thought they knew nothing, blank slates that humans could impress their will upon, and for the most part, it...

Primordial [Draft 01)

By Geigas

936 0 0 15

Born from the flesh of Ulla, the soul of Illis, and the bone of Yenir, Friga was born, the first of her kind; the Primordials. Creatures of unimaginable strength and skill, they were set on the path of growth, given by the divines a single task; to become...

Solaria: A Universe On Fire

By Dawn Solidae

509 0 0 104

The Drelos-Soluse system is once again at war, it's been 100 years since the First War of Order and the Empire finally snapped again.

The Oblivion Chronicles: Book 2 - The Answer's Call

By JHarris15

22215 9 0 55016

The Second Part of The Oblivion Series. After the events of the first novel, join the group once more as they battle not just against the ruling power of The Imperial City, but against a secret organisation that has been pulling the strings of power for centuries....