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Lunar Tides

By Hraefn

1309 0 0 3655

When her vampire boss dies in sudden and mysterious circumstances, Natalya finds herself in need of a job and a home. So when she's offered both at Lunar Tides, the Haven's magical supplies shop, she can't say no. There's just one snag - the owner. His manners...


By GMatchStick

51 0 0 1

This is a meeting between Yvette and Eloise Kraber, a mother and daughter that share a trauma. This precedes the Midnight Audition scene by a few days. Yvette is going to enter the scene injured and attempted to bind her wounds safe but her mother hesitantly...

Craven's Edge

By LordGalakrond

1244 0 0 58698

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if that Goth kid from Highschool actually could summon demons? Enter Craven's world, a 17-year-old teenager who has the ability to summon demons. Journey with him through the turmoils of hell and highschool.

Blinded Angels: 1 The Noble Sacrifice

By cedorsett

2911 1 0 23905

It isn't easy living as a non-binary goth in the mid-90s, but Ellis has good friends who have their back. All they wanted was to live as their authentic self in a world that refused to understand them. On a night out, they wondered off the forest path into...