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Young Adult (YA)

Dragontide's Daughter: The First Book of Dragontide

By Strewnpapers

16736 0 0 57058

A teen girl embarks on a quest to cure her grandfather's sudden illness with the legendary Elixiron, only to confront the ancient guardian of Lake Dragontide and uncover that the true cost of the cure may sever her deepest family bonds.

Paul Smith (4338.209.4 - 4338.214.3)

By nateclive

10875 0 0 77856

Paul is a tale of survival, leadership, and the enduring power of family ties in the face of overwhelming odds. It's a story about finding light in the darkness, hope in despair, and the unyielding strength of the human spirit in the most challenging of environments....

Cody Jennings (4338.402.1 - 4338.212.1)

By nateclive

10314 0 0 82061

In a world cloaked in secrets and prophecies, Cody finds himself at a crossroads between heart and honour. As his affection for Gladys deepens, their lives become entwined with a Guardian destined to alter their reality. Navigating through a maze of loyalty,...

Luke Smith (4338.209.3 - 4338.214.3)

By nateclive

14064 0 0 103392

As a Guardian in the realm of portals, Luke grapples with family ties, faces the shadows of his past, and navigates the complexities of love and duty. Join him on this enthralling odyssey, where every portal holds a secret, and every secret reveals a new chapter...

Jamie Greyson (4338.204.1 - 4338.209.3)

By nateclive

17181 0 0 121166

Haunted by shadows of his past, Jamie Greyson navigates life with a guarded heart, his complex bond with Luke Smith teetering on the brink of collapse. When Jamie is thrust into a strange new world, every moment is a test, pushing him to confront not only...

Karen Owen (4338.207.1 - 4338.214.2)

By nateclive

8771 0 0 65969

This volume is a WIP, but feel free to explore the completed chapters.

Glenda De Bruyn (4338.206.1 - 4338.209.4)

By nateclive

12367 0 0 90559

Dr. Glenda De Bruyn's life takes a perilous turn when her link to a government conspiracy forces her to flee. Thrust into Clivilius, she confronts medical crises and hints of her father's mysterious past. As danger and discovery entwine, Glenda's relentless...

The Queen's Protector (The Prologue and First Two Chapters)

By Tonia A Viles

2420 0 0 6716

Nestled in between several mountains is the small, quaint town of Saltville, Virginia. Two young queens live there. One is an infant, the other has just celebrated her sixteenth birthday. On the forested mountain between their homes is a camp where a portal...

Kain Jeffries (4338.207.1 - 4338.11.2)

By nateclive

10403 0 0 58260

Kain Jeffries, a Tasmanian native and trainee construction worker, is awaiting the arrival of his first child with fiancée Brianne, when his life is turned upside down, and he must throw himself into helping a struggling settlement survive before it is too...

Sarah Lahey (4338.209.1 - 4338.214.2)

By nateclive

10664 0 0 72793

In the grip of Tasmania's eerie disappearances, Detective Sarah Lahey’s quest for answers becomes a personal crucible. As her investigation draws her deeper into the shadows, her tangled relationship with fellow detective Karl Jenkins blurs the lines between...

Karl Jenkins (4338.209.1 - 4338.214.1)

By nateclive

9890 0 0 49740

Plunged into Tasmania's most chilling cases, Senior Detective Karl Jenkins confronts a string of disappearances that entangle with his clandestine affair with Detective Sarah Lahey. As a dangerous obsession emerges, every step toward the truth draws Karl perilously...

Gladys Cramer (4338.205.1 - 4338.214.3)

By nateclive

15367 0 0 93825

In a world frayed by tragedies, Gladys Cramer seeks solace in wine, her steadfast refuge amid life's turmoil. Tethered to a man ensnared by duty and love, she stands at a pivotal crossroads, her choices poised to weave the threads of her fate. Each glass of...

Beatrix Cramer (4338.205.1 - 4338.211.6)

By nateclive

16184 0 0 132599

Beatrix Cramer's life is a delicate balance of contradictions, her independence and keen intellect shadowed by her penchant for the forbidden. A master of acquisition, her love for antiques and the call of the wild drives her into the heart of danger, making...

Paul Smith (4338.204.1 - 4338.209.3)

By nateclive

17069 0 0 126632

In a harsh, new world, Paul Smith grapples with the remnants of a hostile marriage and the future of his two young children. Cast into the heart of an arid wasteland, his survival pushes him to the brink, challenging his every belief. Amidst the desolation,...

Luke Smith (4338.204.1 - 4338.209.2)

By nateclive

20637 0 0 159601

Luke Smith's world transforms with the discovery of a cryptic device, thrusting him into the guardianship of destiny itself. His charismatic charm and unpredictable decisions now carry weight beyond imagination, balancing on the razor's edge between salvation...

Division P; LifeLine

By Maeve Baeyen

2079 0 0 4026

stephen benford and others of division P's staff are still recovering from the devastating bombing that destroyed half of their administration team 6 months ago. When he receives a phone call, saying one of his patients has crashed during a training mission...


By Ellaura

5676 1 0 18064

Ikarus was raised a prisoner in the palace of Knossos on the island of Genesis in ancient Greece. For as long as he can remember he has known that he is the one thing holding his father, the famed Daedalus, back from escaping servitude. King Minos wouldn’t...

Dragon Storm

By ClarissaGosling

15574 13 1 10243

Frustrated by his mother's insistence they stay hidden in the mountains, Nikulas escapes determined to search himself for their missing sister. But the world beyond their valley is wider than he'd expected. And his presence isn't as unnoticed as he assumed.

Howling Shadows

By WantedHero

38859 0 0 159501

Bloody Screams. Enchanted Wolves. Shadows Trying to Kill You. Now mix in a terrified teen. Finally home and safe from psychotic Noah, one’d think Wendell deserves a moment’s rest from the Iskari High Council, not making up a year’s worth of meetings. Add...

Kyril: The Land Above

By Team Kyril

24682 0 0 66539

Thirteen years after the Burning of Delphinus, two wayward sisters lead vastly different lives far across the floating, ancient continent of Kyril. However, the world never sleeps, and peace is ever fragile against the machinations of ambition and greed....

Ravenlight: Embers of the Past

By AStormsong

40056 2 0 110112

Elise Bakuuva wants nothing more than to live an average life, to find acceptance in life and a goal for said life; though for her, a normal life seems nigh impossible. Living among the Dragon Descendants of Vulfax, she finds herself everywhere from belittled...


By AuthorNiamh

9162 0 0 1829

Lena Ironback was born into a family of werewolf hunters, and it was always her destiny to become a Red Rider. When she finally took the oath and became Youngblood - the youngest member of the Riders - she thought she was ready for anything. But when...

Touch of Destiny

By lyneaky2

156762 37 0 70186

A bond sparked by chance, nurtured by patience, and threatened by Fate. Friends become lovers in this YA fantasy tale. Ashlyn, a young Sorceress, is destined to become a monarch. Damien, a former prisoner, is much more of a mystery than anyone would like....

The Scape

By DomDrake

23422 0 0 8793

*Work in Progress* They say books can take you to other worlds, only limited by your imagination. Who doesn't like that, who doesn't want to take part in an adventure filled with monsters and fighting. Kateb loves books, they love it less when they get kidnapped...

Book 1: Enter the Witch

By jaztice

15526 2 0 5603

On the outside, Horner Paranormal is a paranormal private investigation group that takes cases involving the supernatural. On the inside, it's a group of friends in their early twenties, all of whom are paranormal themselves in some way, looking for answers...

The Dungeon Crawler's Academy (Volume 2)

By Shadowkitty

58810 15 0 32496

In a time past, an ancient void threatened all of reality. Defeated by Gods and Heroes, what remains of the worlds has settled into a relative peace. The 'Final Reality', also known as the Ninth Reality, has become the last bastion of life. A conglomerate...

A Family of Knights

By TimeBender

8719 0 0 0

A family, who all happen to be knights, try to keep their clan of thirty-three knights safe as a mysterious Knight Hunter takes out knights all over the continent. When one of their knights is taken out, the clan decides it time to leave the forest they've...

Rain Heart

By BlueWildfire

22947 1 0 9712

Whispers of war echo throughout the three packs of the Valley of Wolves. Jakharo, alpha of Rainwinds, has been defeated, and his killer, Daichi, has taken his place. Dacko and Nadja, children of the overthrown alpha, along with their friend Gärn now face...

Intergalactic Outlaws

By TimeBender

10626 0 0 0

An abused orphan named Hurance wants a family. He’s had a small taste of family when he was younger with his best friend, Timothy Time, before Timothy went missing. Hurance’s quest for family is fraught with danger after he decides to adopt a group of outlaws...


By TimeBender

29662 0 0 0

After accidentally bringing three complete strangers from different universes to Earth, an alien girl's life goes nuts all at once. This has been unlocked for the public to read! Feedback is helpful. Adding more of the story as I write it!

The Dungeon Crawler's Academy (Volume 1)

By Shadowkitty

55434 7 0 62033

In a time past, an ancient void threatened all of reality. Defeated by Gods and Heroes, what remains of the worlds has settled into a relative peace. The 'Final Reality', also known as the Ninth Reality, has become the last bastion of life. A conglomerate...

Dark Waters

By TimeBender

189477 0 0 0

In a flying city, in the world of Nearth, there lives a small doub. He is perfectly happy with his life, until one day, he meets a strange, giant feline that takes him on a wild adventure all across Nearth. Their goal is to save their world from a terrible...

The Maiden's Request

By WriterGreg

19882 1 0 4372

Master horseman, Henrik of Rickenvatten, finds himself in the foreign imperial palace of Chienhu. A stranger in a strange land. His skills brought him under the scrutiny of the Grand Secretary and the admiration of Princess Jing. His only hope is to keep his...

Chris Owen (4338.208.1 - 4338.214.2)

By nateclive

615 0 0 34968

This volume is a WIP, but feel free to explore the completed chapters.