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Low Fantasy

SL 1: Descendant of Glory

By amelianite

91 0 0 1113

Book 1 of the Spruceheart Legacy series. Set during years 1 and 2. Since she was a little girl, Sylvie Sprucewood thought her life ordinary and mundane. She didn't know about magic, nor did she expect her family to be keeping a large and dangerous secret...

The Name of the Manuscript

By Kwyalk

248 0 0 10926

In Hedmark, there are only two truths, blood and dust. Every year for the last last fifty years, the Sundering has plagued the lives of the denizens of the Kingdom of Hedmark. Each year the threat comes, and each year it is beaten back at the cost of many...

The Red Sands: The First Hunt

By Conokat

885 0 0 104

The Red Sands swiftly grew to a major faction in the Imeshuka Desert, slaying the numerous dangerous creatures that threaten life to those who try to call the sands home. This is the story of the three founders meeting up for the first time to hunt a strange...

Five Tribes

By qwerqsar

1062 0 0 0

A young man decides to start a Journey of self discovery, only to become part of a great conspiracy that will take him to the edge of the world and to the centre alongside his companion.

The King's Playground

By Il'lihan

1764 0 0 0

Edward Otherworld had wished to break free from Gaisgaich's borderline opressive governement and millitary. He had wished that, by doing so, he could bring with him those who held simmilar beliefs, and in a way that was what happened. The declaration fo...

Blue Petals

By PatheticBarrel

1169 0 0 0

[h2]Spring Always Comes...[/h2] ...and with it, marriages across every farming village in the land. For young shepherd Acil, the hopes of wedded bliss are still far off, but his mother...

Reaver (Arbeitstitel)

By Skyther Kell

124 0 0 18330

Als Shay'dar erkennt Tharis die Abgründe jedes Menschen durch eine simple Berührung. Eine schicksalshafte Begegnung schickt ihn auf eine epische Reise, an deren Ausgang das Schicksal eines ganzen Kontinents hängen könnte.


By Barekamy

25672 0 0 29575

Vor den Nordfängen und hinter dem trostlosen Tal, liegt, auf einem namenlosen Berg, das Ewigkeitsfort. Enrik Grünzweig und sein Heer aus Halunken wie auch Bauernvolk, sollen dieses alte Gemäuer bemannen, um sich einem unbekannten Feind zu stellen. Doch die...


By TobiMercer

2279 0 0 2502

Olyvia was more than content to forget her past and move on. But life doesn't always play along.


By writerdahling

125 1 0 657

A coming of age story where a young woman is torn from her family and her source of magic and must trust in her friends and her own strength to escape and find her way home again. Set on the mythic world of Forliene,

Adventures of an Theological Tourist

By barriesaxxy

750 0 0 0

After completing her dissertation on the rise of Apatheism in Snickerry, Maggie Laurence receives a letter from her favorite author commissioning a religious study from someone unbiased, leading her on a journey across Nideon and back again.

The Blue House

By mazokuchohimu

229 0 0 927

A story inspired by a dream I had on the night of 1st October, 2021.

Elsewhere Unknown

By LNRDink

1916 0 0 1514

The first full-length novel by Michael Leonard, Elsewhere Unknown is a slow-burning, high fantasy mystery masquerading as a dystopian urban fantasy. Progressive characters face off against a regressive system built to destroy those who oppose it. This book...

Fires of the Ohonogami

By ubersaint

322 0 0 0

Follow the journies of servent of the Ohonogami family as the Shogunate civil war begins.


By Escritora Novata

996 2 0 474

Two siblings in their late teens lost their way and end in a cave they didn't know existed. The apprentice of the @[Ogha's Law Enforcers](profession:dc5d2be5-edbb-4dcd-9687-476755e15c16)‌ ' leader gets out of his way to ask for advice. Those small changes...

Nornlain Tales

By StephenMvS

1695 1 1 4042

The various stories I have written for my main world. Most have been written in fifteen minutes, with the bare minimum of editing afterwords.


By jmgaida

1575 0 0 1617

At the age of twelve Porcelana is chosen to go live at the Convento do Pano Vermelho, the Convent of the Red Cloth, despite the objections of the Abbess, who declares she has the look of a traitor because she was born albino. Porcelana is trained to be an...

Broken Swords: The Last in Line

By CaiusMartius

1134 0 0 27612

War rages across the western kingdoms. Bloodthirsty berserkers and colossal wallbreakers lock horns with golden-eyed crusaders and crazed templar-priests. They fight for their respective kingdoms, ice-locked Nosck and sky-worshipping Samada, and their battleground...

The Oblivion Chronicles: Book 1 - The Game Begins

By JHarris15

39193 4 0 59749

The First Part of The Oblivion Series. A thousand years have passed since the fall of the western empire. When an old enemy begins to re-emerge, will the fractured people of the west unite or will their differences be to great. FEEDBACK WANTED

Stones in the Field

By PatheticBarrel

1626 3 0 1587

Hylian stonemason Ternah wants a quiet life in an era of peace and prosperity for the Kingdom of Hyrule. An exploration of Hylian Culture through the eyes of a young man. New Chapters Weekly.

Red Harvest

By charuksuebrak

254 0 0 1713

Long ago, when the world was young. A simple farmer triggers a series of event that will reach far outside of the scope of anything he would have ever dreamt of. A tale of war and horror, of events that will end and era and extinguish the flames of a great...