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An Unsolvable Problem

By WantedHero

1730 0 0 6088

Where did Dax...the 3' 10", half-naked, cigar-smoking, green-skinned, heavy-drinking, foul-tempered creature come from? You wouldn't believe me if I told you. But I'll tell you anyway...

Tales From The Roadkill Tavern: Mind's Eye

By WantedHero

16200 18 0 2441

What do the greatest bards of the world do when they get together? They challenge one another's sanity, of course. Mind's Eye is a challenge of storytelling wit. Can you solve the mystery behind each tale? Find out.

The Secret Story

By A.J.Ponder

811 0 0 31164

A horde of rats A coven of witches desperate to stay hidden A ball to die for, and a ball that must remain secret at any cost As a smithy’s daughter, Amarinda can only dream of going to the ball. She loves the fine gowns and imagines the feisty Princess Sylvalla...

Selkie and Lily

By Rat-Face

2 0 0 20146

Three adventurers are taken down to one and a half when an old mistake comes back to bite the twins. Ro takes their assailant, cousin Lily, to the rest of their family. To try and find a healer, and hopefully keep the journey easy, Brotz travels with Eupa...

Prose! (Mythic Essay, Vol. 1)

By gfishbone

7488 0 0 2517

Essays and short stories on mythological topics. Some are scholarly. Some are goofy fun. Some may tie into pop culture or current events.

An Uncommon Betrothal

By JohannesTEvans

13096 47 5 49729

Alexos Fox is of course quite sad when the long-time butler of his household, the man who all but raised him, retires. He is not at all prepared for the old man’s replacement: his exceedingly attractive and painfully tempting nephew, Harry Sutton. Alexos,...

Into The Fire

By WantedHero

36269 0 0 80747

Stranded, alone…with a tree sticking out of his bellybutton. Wendell’s task is simple: get to Til-Thorin Keep. No problem. Add to that no map, no help and no flippin’ idea where he is and you have a day in the life of our hero. Oh wait—we forgot to add the...

Hero's Wife

By Walicia

186 0 0 0

Draft - needs to be rewritten: Hisakawa Natsuki was the constant topic of her gossiping neighbours. Widowed in her twenties, no family that come to visit her and connections with people that are clearly part of something shady. A woman who seemed to always...

Adulting: RESPECT -- Finding Value in Others

By WantedHero

12962 11 0 4637

Dr. Gitoph Urras, PhD is a social psychologist with a powerful insight when it comes to curing SAS (Stunted Adult Syndrome, also known as 'generational retardicus'). In his book, Dr. Gitoph walks you through the process of becoming an adult by giving respect....

Race to Til-Thorin

By WantedHero

26741 18 0 84649

Dream girls. Fried snails. A 30” bodyguard with pink ponytails. Being a hero comes with learning curves. The curve of a hip. The curve of a sword. The curve of a sucker punch as it connects with your face. It wouldn’t be so bad if Wendell had professionals...

Tales From The Roadkill Tavern: Avoiding Blueberries

By WantedHero

12648 17 1 7471

Our personal stories are more complex and intertwined than you might realize. That's exactly what our hero, Wendell P Dipmier discovers when he runs from his responsibilities and finds himself listening to the resident bard at the Roadkill Tavern.

Washed Across the River

By Rat-Face

116 1 0 99245

Nine-year-old mage-in-training Brina is having a bad day with her lessons. She is having a worse day with the walk she took to calm down. As she tries to make her way home, she recalls the many lessons of her adopted coming up, none of which prepare her for...