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Erotic Romance

Foxfire: An Orphan's Dream

By GoddessOfFakku

822 2 0 9814

Saki Ironfox is a world-class, famous blacksmith (or so she'd have you think) who has a chance encounter with Flame Elemental Emarosa, The Goddess of Flames. As the two learn more about each other they unweave the many strands of time and how their life's...

Starseeds: Stories from the Toy Soldier Saga

By SableAradia

19004 0 0 19531

Battles great and terrible, small and bitter, raged across Known Space as the wars of Elves and Orcs played out their legacy of hatred across the stars themselves. Epics would be written, songs would be sung; but wars are fought by real people with loves and...

An Uncommon Betrothal

By JohannesTEvans

110377 80 8 78197

Alexos Fox is of course quite sad when the long-time butler of his household, the man who all but raised him, retires. He is not at all prepared for the old man’s replacement: his exceedingly attractive and painfully tempting nephew, Harry Sutton. Alexos,...