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Choose Your Own Adventure: Torbus Belgran

By sointex

2192 12 4 6394

Following a failed mission to acquire research data from a rival nation-state, Torbus Belgran finds himself alone and imprisoned in his former homeland, Delos. What he does, how he does it, and where he goes from here is up to YOU, the reader, in this choose-your-own-adventure...

Team Lambda - First Draft

By Kranjax

3191 0 0 59626

The original draft of team lambda, back when I was throwing ideas on a page, tossing caution to the wind, and skipping most editing... OK, I did the bare minimum for editing... so that you don't get too much of a headache trying to understand the already...

The Trinket Fairy

By DesdemonaRose

1343 0 0 2584

A gift left by a stranger, would you keep it, wonder who left it? What if it was something you'd lost long ago, or maybe just a sweet sentiment. What if it was a chess game missing a piece? Originally created as a Twitter VSS challenge, more info here: Also...

Second Wind: Book 1 - Wake at Dawn

By Asdradan

4367 0 0 33109

Tzera awakens to a living world after spending her life in a dying city. Her whole species, the Lendari, set adrift on their planet’s starless corpse; cast into the void away from their home galaxy. Buying thousands of years through carefully managed stasis...

Seven Seals, The Legend of Bālthazar: Proof of Valor

By SixPathsSage

3147 0 0 6854

The cosmos is in shambles, the scars of the Great War in Heaven have not healed and an age of stagnation has fallen over the Realms. The Legend of Bālthazar chronicles the life and adventures of Sir Bālthazar Skyburner, a mythic figure and legendary hero....

What We Lost

By User51

7331 4 2 4201

Not so long ago that no one remembers, and not so recent that everyone does. An audio script for five male voices.

The Rift

By 339X

29342 9 0 39110

Nash Vega and her brother, Jaymes, grew up during the Aten Rebellion. After losing their parents during the Great Battle the siblings are left alone on the barren desert planet. Left with very few allies, Nash and Jaymes survive on their own. After years of...

Heart Of Chocolate

By Twelve

17696 1 0 7294

Humans trying to colonize planet Shelder implant the local dinosaur-like fauna with A.I. chips to help domesticate them - what could go wrong?