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Slice of Life

Re:Live (3rd Revision)

By ForsakenCustodian

88 0 0 0

Tagline: An ex-rally driver returns to the past and rediscovers the things he lost. The 3rd revision of what was known as 'What If'.

The Southern Magicks

By Geek_Aflame

8426 2 0 70396

A close encounter with death dramatically changes Dexter’s life. The brutal demon attack forcing him to face his ability to see the dead. With his secret in the open reluctant Dexter is forced to work for the magical detective agency ran by his family. He...

New Horizons Volume 1

By KasperJensen

241 0 0 6830

This first volume is decidedly more on the Action-side of things, but there will be Slice-Of-Life mixed in!


By ForsakenCustodian

28 0 0 0

Tagline: Sol returns to the world of motorsport despite his wife's displeasure, for the sake of their future.

Facets of Fillimet, Vol 1

By SolarCat02

587 8 1 6960

A collection of facets of ordinary life and extraordinary events across Fillimet. This manuscript is a compilation of many of the stories that can be found scattered throughout articles in the world of Fillimet, combined in this volume for your reading convenience.

What If (2nd Revision)

By ForsakenCustodian

493 0 0 11862

Håkon is an average bloke living the same boring routine day in and day out. Curiosity gets the better of him one day, as a shining 'Galaxy Crystal' catches his eye and empties his wallet. That's unlike him at all - he only ever waste money on food, coffee...

The Boatswain's Hook

By JohannesTEvans

649 0 0 14876

In bringing new Lost Boys back to Neverland, Peter Pan brings something else, too, and Spanish Flu wreaks a deathly effect on Hook's crew. In the aftermath, the Jolly Roger comes for the last time to England, and Hook faces the most frightening adventure...

The Dungeon Reborn

By bluecoffeejava

74 0 0 5184

The premise is transmigrating a dungeon core soul to a human life, while keeping up the fantasy setting. Some nods toward rational fantasy, and some over powered protagonist start up, but I'm pretty much plotting this as I go

Is that a Rocket in your Pocket?

By lengna

853 4 0 5968

Starting as a play by post rp and periodically converted to prose, 'Is that A rocket in your Pocket' is a meandering ramble. The Story follows Ora and Ron as they bumble their way into a relationship, and all the people they drag into the mix. An ongoing...


By TimeBender

140 5 0 9686

After accidentally bringing three complete strangers from different universes to Earth, an alien girl's life goes nuts all at once. This has been unlocked for the public to read! Feedback is helpful. Adding more of the story as I write it!

(Not) Your Usual Unrequited Love Story

By tecachan

183 0 0 0

She's a normal girl with this huge crush on a friend. Pretty much your avagare girl backstory, except she entangled herself in becoming said friend's (and his girlfriends') relationship advisor. She really didn't wish for a normal life, but that's a ridiculous...