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Young Adult

Intergalactic Outlaws

By TimeBender

4538 0 0 0

An abused orphan named Hurance wants a family. He’s had a small taste of family when he was younger with his best friend, Timothy Time, before Timothy went missing. Hurance’s quest for family is fraught with danger after he decides to adopt a group of outlaws...

Dark Waters

By TimeBender

73376 2 2 65238

In a flying city, in the world of Nearth, there lives a small doub. He is perfectly happy with his life, until one day, he meets a strange, giant feline that takes him on a wild adventure all across Nearth. Their goal is to save their world from a terrible...

The Sidekick

By J. Garstang

36 0 0 1290

Stacy Smith has always felt she was somehow different, like a great destiny awaited her. So, when a strange series of visions calls her to aid a magical realm, she is more than ready. But when the prophesied heroic prince arrives seeking the lost princess...

Dog Prints: The Red Ranges

By Scirgirifa

4323 0 0 58692

A tale of a good boy trying to find his footing in the nonsensical world of humans.


By TimeBender

10255 0 0 0

After accidentally bringing three complete strangers from different universes to Earth, an alien girl's life goes nuts all at once. This has been unlocked for the public to read! Feedback is helpful. Adding more of the story as I write it!


By Olivia Sikes

1267 0 0 1417

Do no harm. That's Vera Zagorec's strongest and deepest moral guideline, a philosophy that drives nearly every decision she makes. But when she's kidnapped by an international crime syndicate, she's faced with an impossible choice: join them and risk almost...