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Красные Небеса Нендама

By GrandDohodyaga

476 0 0 508

Древние земли @[Нендама](location:3bdd994b-d8dd-4b3d-ab82-cc52e632a8b2), огромного региона в @[Аллазоуле](article:f71095de-46c5-4341-b635-dc6cc1fb27d0) находятся под атакой Великой Красной Армии, или же Армии Арикабана. Самоотверженные жители ближайших деревень...

Re:Live (3rd Revision)

By ForsakenCustodian

88 0 0 0

Tagline: An ex-rally driver returns to the past and rediscovers the things he lost. The 3rd revision of what was known as 'What If'.

The Savior's Sister - Book 2 of The Savior's Series [TEASER]

By jennamoreci

1849 8 0 17833

In the thrilling companion to one of Book Depository’s Best Books of All Time, experience the peril and heart-stopping romance through Leila’s fresh perspective. Leila Tūs Salvatíraas, Savior of Thessen and magical Queen of Her realm, is worshiped by all. Except...


By foxteeth

632 0 0 58619

Eine Hommage an die klassischen Abenteuerromane von Stevenson, Melville, Conrad und London und ihre (wenn auch manchmal schrägen) Filmadaptionen der 60er und 70er Jahre. Die Protagonistin hier ist Francesca Sarpente - eine junge Frau, die Geschichten liebt...

The Band of Light

By Bunny Rose

266 0 0 0

The saga of the Band of Light from its formation to their ultimate confrontation of Morea Sundeath.

Rise: The Liminal Chronicles (Sample)

By shyredfox

89 1 0 5039

(Advanced Reader Copy Sample) [h3]A myth come to life may be worth far more than his freedom.[/h3] Will a former gangster dare to protect the elderly woman who antagonizes him? He must choose between breaking a promise to his parole officer or the old lady....


By Qui-Ball

177 0 0 0

In a small self-governing village, far from society, every civilian has their own little secret. However, with an unexpected zombie horde overrunning the village, will any of the villagers find a way to survive, or will every last secret of theirs be devoured...


By Jordo_707

2891 0 0 11585

The search for lost family becomes a journey for redemption across a foreign land.

20,000 Leagues under the sea

By Dimitris

480 5 2 1603

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas: A World Tour Underwater (French: Vingt mille lieues sous les mers: Tour du monde sous-marin) is a classic science fiction adventure novel by French writer Jules Verne. The novel was originally serialized from March...

Keyhole of Heaven

By [email protected]

238 0 0 0

After the world's creation, something stirred in the great battle for the cosmos, human life. Both born from entities of good and evil, they hold the key to open the door to heaven and unlock a millennia of untold secrets.

Heavenly Hell

By moonflower-writing

260 0 0 99

Delmenia is a world where bird-winged Angels and insect-winged Demons run amok. In the capital city of Rothos - Helemia, a young Angel named Jesse finds himself bestowed with a great honor. Jesse has been appointed as a Seraph - a guardian of the Archangel...

NaNoWriMo 2020

By PanAndPaper

236 0 0 113144

A miner travels to a dangerous world of magic that holds secrets about his own world.


By foxteeth

17 0 0 29216

Nachfolger der "Südseeabenteuer"

The Secret Dance

By Nebulous

18 1 0 4748

Elibor, a tortured youth, struggles to build a life for himself after losing everything twice. He knows only two worlds: one of shadows, where thieves and scoundrels dwell; and one of sweet music and touch, where the courtesans dance. With a foot in both,...

Der Hohe Norden

By foxteeth

28 0 0 26

Das Wettrennen der rhudarischen Brigg "Elias" gegen die sturmländische "Stormfalk" zur Erkundung des Hohen Nordens.

Tales From The Roadkill Tavern: Butter & Rum

By WantedHero

2574 17 3 9134

Mystery. Magic. Adventure. That's what the bard promises. Anything for coin or a pint of his favorite drink. But once in a while some catch Terrin in a special mood...and he lets slip his most precious secrets.

Shadows of the Keepers

By AntimatterNuke

75 0 0 10055

When Eric, alongside his classics professor and fellow students, joins a mission to a recontacted colony world with pre-medieval technology, he learns dodging dinosaurs and gryphon-riding hunters while trying to stop an evil warlord is more trouble than he...

The Black Grimoire

By Kjonesy

85 0 0 5258

Twelve-year-old Ren Ashford is a natural strategist. He can piece together what a person is all about from the smallest details, and has an ability called Sight that shows him every attack his opponet is going to make before they can even think about throwing...