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I've been a lover of fantasy adventure my whole life and grew up on series like "The Lord of the Rings", "Chronicles of Narnia", and "Redwall". These kinds of books are what inspired me to write and create the world that my stories take place in.   I've actually been writing since I was fifteen and in my early twenties released the first version of "Quest of the Seal Bearers" in printed format, but I was never quite satisfied with it and unfortunately didn't finish the series. The traditional publishing and publicity process just took too much out of me.   Now, with sites like this, I'm able to write and publish my stories where more people have an opportunity to read and enjoy it and I'm very excited to share them with anyone who has a love of rich, vibrant fantasy worlds. I hope you enjoy and get sucked into mine and can relate to one of the many characters that come to life in them.