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By foxteeth

34651 0 0 58619

Die Seefahrtsabenteuer #1 | Francesca Sarpente ist eine junge Frau, die Abenteuerromane liebt und ganz eingenommen von der Seefahrtsromantik ist. Als sie die Chance bekommt selbst an Bord eines Segelschiffes zu fahren, zögert sie natürlich keine Sekunde. So...

Crimson Spires and Golden Threads: Dean Pirate Collection

By LanceMcKenath

2899 2 0 1894

This collection of tales are from the Dean Pirate's point of view surrounding Lance, his ship Rhovanielle, and his crew. Lance's Awakening is an overzealous annual celebration when he heals in The Trench and strengthens his tie with Dea. However this time,...

The 8th Pier

By BumbleBee1225

446 0 0 1064

The tales of A brooding cowboy , a wild pirate and a gentle farmhand as they travel to the elusive 8th pier in search of freedom from the crimson rule

The Hammer of the Sea

By PatheticBarrel

1268 1 0 804

Where fishfolk dare to thieve! The trade of the ancient kingdoms has ground to a halt with the arrival of Aveta the pirate queen. Tasked by King Sidon, Jirim must track down the rebellious Zora and put an end to her terror of the Eastern coast. All peace...

Swashbucklers Tales - Corebook

By Gortolk

156 0 0 792

Swashbucklers Tales is a pirate-themed Pen&Paper-Roleplaying-Game. This book covers all nessecary Rules to play this game.

(SBUCS) Sea Breeze under a Crimson Sky

By Kiyomo

2114 5 0 29467

Story is complete, new chapters release every Friday! The Pasongunan, a pirate vessel, sails the seas in search of treasure, fame, and most importantly fortune. When rumor reaches one of the captains ears of a treasure ripe for the taking... Well, it's too...

Arch: A Fantasy Pirate Tale!

By sandul

645 0 0 29

There was once a bustling society, spanning the seven seas, mettling in magic and technology that were beyond their control. They tempted fate, challenged the norms, and in time, people began to abuse what they had. A secret society of insane people gathered...