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High Fantasty

Mordena Dawn, Book 1: In Spite of the Inevitable

By Vazdimet

11386 20 1 88995

The past isn't the only thing that won't stay dead. Hiding from his violent history as a revered Void necromancer within the Sparnell Confederation, single father Shane Lawrence has finally built a quiet life. On the freehold planet of Baden he can pour his...

The Magnificent Love That Never Was

By Rcosby1017

4184 0 0 6977

When two young Elves grow up with an unspoken affection for each other, they quickly wish they would have spoken those words sooner.


By Durhelwyr

37385 0 0 0

(Republished this here on World Anvil. It's been here before, with 11 k+ reads. It came down after I went offline for a year and my previous WA I.D. changed on returning. Ulfsdrottnir is a fable I created based on the game storyline of my wife's RPG character...

The Autumn Country


66776 1 1 67375

The Autumn Country is an archetype, not an evolution. That already makes it a dangerous place for travellers. But something else is wrong with the Autumn Country as Cerylia will find out when she dares to cross the border.

Remnant: Twilight (Book 1)

By ReaverArklight

10204 0 0 14321

Join the Adventures of Twilight Sparkle in a gritty retelling of the much beloved childrens story and series MLP. Explore a similar story told in a way more befitting of adult audience. Explore new Locations, learn new stories, witness new characters and events....

(SBUCS) Sea Breeze under a Crimson Sky

By Kiyomo

86807 34 0 53335

Story is complete!!!!!! As of 01/01/2023, SBUCS (Or any name it may be published under) will be Self-Published by the middle of 2023, therefore the actual chapters past a certain point have been locked. However, the first 6 chapters will be available for...