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Political Drama

Ascension: A Solevian Folktale

By Rubethyst

9607 0 0 48772

Three years before The Ambassador's Conquest; a world divided in three is brought to the brink of collapse. The young spirits inheriting the future must turn against the worlds they know to prevent the destruction of all that they are.

Ambition: The Ambassador's Conquest

By Rubethyst

8556 0 0 83436

Once upon, the world was united in a single continent, beneath the rule of a virtuous Elven Kingdom. But Armageddon brought that era to an end; now three dominating forces struggle to pick up the pieces. Alikath Navarre, final surviving member of a political...

Tales of Koria

By CrazyEddie

6220 5 0 12039

You have read about the Spiral, about Elves, Dwarves, Underlings and the Horrors from down below. But you never experienced them firsthand. Now is your chance. From the dwindling roads down into the depths of the Spiral or from the start of the very Creation,...

Mending and Havoc

By Soulwing98

138178 54 5 57008

"Who could have guessed that finding a cure for cancer would lead to THIS!?" -Bianca Peritl - 4987 - The war between Nemthi and Scorzosa was raging as usual. Both parties were equally matched giving no quarters to the other. In between that chaos in the...

Silver Star

By ccpadilla

15537 1 0 7135

“Lost in the endless depths of space, Abby, housed within her cold metal home for untold years, yearns for companionship and connections. Join her on a journey of self-discovery as she navigates the unknown galaxy in search of friendship and a sense of belonging."

The Adventures of Kofos

By andybola

21978 0 0 4337

Kofos is a land of myth and legend, of tale and tragedy, holding promise and danger for any traveler willing to traverse its lands. Wars and politics happen often, oftentimes used as tools by highborn nobles to gain profit. Magic and mythical beasts lurk around...