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Original Characters

Corroded Destiny

By Soulwing98

574 2 0 17229

Corroded Destiny is a Fanfiction set in the world of Rain World. --- Iterators were built to last, to iterate for an eternity and longer to solve the great problem. The creation of Shifting Gales didn't follow that dogma, its acidic consequences at last...

Quest of the Seal Bearers - Book 1: The Warriors Return

By awgcoleman

243265 0 0 259169

On the distant world of Mendala, a rash of mysterious attacks have left many towns destroyed, and there are rumors of an army of monsters. Fantasma, leader of the global government, and his colleagues are determined to find the cause of these attacks. However,...

Mending and Havoc

By Soulwing98

134903 54 5 57008

"Who could have guessed that finding a cure for cancer would lead to THIS!?" -Bianca Peritl - 4987 - The war between Nemthi and Scorzosa was raging as usual. Both parties were equally matched giving no quarters to the other. In between that chaos in the...

Sunset Catacomb

By SilverFen

11674 0 0 659

Neopets: The Darkest Faerie fanfiction. Sir Magnus couldn't remember the last time he'd seen the sun, but he couldn't leave the Catacombs. He was bound to guard them and a Knight of Meridell never forswore their duties.