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cw: sexual themes

Warrior's Touch

By Soulhaven

88342 0 0 0

NOTE: This is the sequel to Healer's Touch, and there are very much spoilers ahead. If it interests you, you *may* wish to read Healer's Touch first. However, I believe this one can be read without reading HT first, and it's a better book... (I learned) Once...

Daughter of Zarthos

By J.L. Blum

68532 0 0 19812

Nathan Orthos and Samuel Silverman were two 18 yearolds were thinking about their future together and life after high school. As they looked out to the stars from the trailer park were they lived in neither of them knew that circumstances stances beyond their...

Reamnent chronicles: The wyvern's talons

By Flowey1787

7767 0 0 13695

The first book in the Reamnent chronicles. This series will tell the tale of the reamnent family. A huge family of dragons/wyverns that have stories for generations, and how the dragon known as Zero came to be when a cruel wyvern by the name of Nimbus threatens...

The Tale of Saturn [NSFW]

By Havael

3000 0 0 0

Go through the tale of a wealthy synth's downfall. Watch him descend from riches to rags, his servants repossessed, his friends turn on him, so on.