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Short Stories

The Anthology

By AvaleenQueen

133 0 0 11863

An anthology of short stories, poems and excerpts from various works by Maria Jones. This is the book of the stories never released, the songs never heard, the words never spoken. Welcome to a world of pure imagination!

Untold Sagas: Mira Sunbringer

By Solaire503

256 0 0 2070

In the vast and vibrant world of Arameia, where legends walk among the living and shadows shift with intentions of their own, countless tales unfold—stories of noble heroes and cunning villains, of epic victories and heartbreaking defeats. The Untold Sagas...

Mariage Royal - Nouvelles

By Aquilus_Decimus

550 1 0 829

Compilation de courts récits se déroulant dans l'univers des "Conquérants de l'Agora". Retrouvez certains des personnages croisés durant les séances de JDR et apprenez en plus sur leur passé.

Struggling Scribe

By Piggie4299

1027 1 0 2909

Ellen is a Tuner and that means that she could die anytime. If anyone in Camp Hope discovers her secret, they will kill her for being born this way. But magic is hard to control and learning to harness it puts her mind at risk. What will she loose first? He...

Myths and Legends of Sylinia and Beyond

By oneillwrites

1514 2 0 2516

Upon his death, the great Brass Dragon Altherian the Devoted donated his most favored tome from his collection to Library of the Dawn College. In this book, Altherian inscribed the best myths and stories he had collected from his travels throughout Sylinia.

Blighted Tales of Horror and Wonder

By Churchwarden

2485 2 2 21460

A collection of individual stories from characters throughout the history of Cairne that have played both large and small roles in it's story, each one expanding on events and times within the world and offering some insight as to the harsh and often bitter...

Roses of Anzez

By Brutalbears

9110 0 0 573

Cover Art Credit: My Grimoire Cover by drizzt12779