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Mending and Havoc

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"Who could have guessed that finding a cure for cancer would lead to THIS!?"
- Bianca Peritl -

4987 - The war between Nemthi and Scorzosa was raging as usual. Both parties were equally matched giving no quarters to the other.
In between that chaos in the slums, safely behind the secure borders of Nemthi's capital city Leaston, were two Kobold students working tirelessly on a method that could lead to much more than they could ever dream of.
Determined to find a method to use their arcane abilities to connive a treatment to exterminate and heal cancer cells, Denton and Bianca Peritl hope to escape their life living in poverty through its eventual success.

But dabbling into global politics with such a powerful and highly sought-after tool shaking up the scales of balance could lead to so much more than the siblings' timid wishes and dreams.
The consequences could be undesirable at best and grave at its worst.