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sci-fi fantasy


By TinkerTech

871 1 1 3196

Wouldn't it be great if you didn't have to work? If you could hand the drudgery of your day job off to a robot and let them do all the work while you relaxed? You'd have more time for yourself, for your hobbies, and no backbreaking work! It would be paradise? ...Right? Content...

Phantom in the Machine: Bleeding Aegis Book 2

By Valraven Dreadwood

19176 1 0 151684

Iver has survived his first year at the academy. He managed to join the Sect of the Dark Hunter but must keep that truth veiled. The young Darkling is still recovering from a broken heart and the bitter sting of betrayal. But just when Iver thinks he knows...

The Aunties, Part One: The Northwatch Conspiracy

By JediToby

11275 0 0 28352

Welcome to Nerd, an earthlike world 50 light-years from Earth. Thousands of years after Earth was made uninhabitable by humans, the descendants of a small group of volunteer astronauts landed here and discovered the Manna Virus, a symbiont that allowed life...

Blood Myst: Bleeding Aegis Book 1

By Valraven Dreadwood

108248 0 0 204375

The world of Anogwin is fraught with danger. In this world of Elves and Dragons, is in an age where magic-powered technology known as Mystech is commonplace. But this world is far from paradise. Defensive walls are necessary for every city and town because...

The Merry Charter Crew

By Hail_Ryder02

4973 0 0 0

When the surviving crew members of the Merry Charter were separated from each other, Daisy, the first mate, leaves an A.I. chip and a note behind for Castor. Castor sets out to sail the stars to find Daisy and the Merry Charter while trying to peice together...