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Blood/gore, violence

The King's Guard

By Phantascene

273 0 0 3315

Cyneweard had sworn fealty to the king of the known world. They had served with honor in the wars that had at long last united the world. As captain of the king's guard they are among the loyal few to sail with their king on a mission to find and rescue the...

Fall, Sacred Apple

By TheChromaBooks

1315 6 1 3970

For the first time in twenty-four years, a child is born at the Abbey of Sacred Apples. Corbha, formerly the youngest laysister, prays her spirit-siblings will now acknowledge her adulthood. When they choose her to bring the newborn’s caul to the Abbot, Corbha...

The Magpie Society

By SilverFen

908 0 0 935

Until the 1860s the sleepy magical underbelly of the British province of Manitoba had never seen a spate of mystical murders. When bodies appear with strange wounds, everyone must pull together from the reclusive Dryads and Ogo-pogo to the Magpie Society or...

Legends of Sorgul - Kingdom Lost

By Lorekeeper of Miduer

360 0 0 18488

After generations of peace, War has returned to Sorgul. A dark cloud lies on the horizon, moving ever closer. Dark forces amass outside cities, and mighty walls crumble down. Amidst it all lies the capital city, Mardrath. The Gem of the North teeters on the...