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Tobi Scribe and Explorer | Member Since 3 Dec, 2019
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Millennial Gemini Ravenclaw Fire/Earth(Lava?)-bending INTP-T Enneagram six (6). She/Her, Ace, Multi-ethnic. Professional Thing-Doer. I do many of the things.

Interests & Hobbies

Drawing, Animating, Listening to Fallout Radio, Weaponry, Photograph, Ecology, Philosophy, Science

Favorite Movies

The Fifth Element, Dragonheart, Nightmare Before Christmas, Into the Florpus, Return of the Jedi

Favorite TV Series

Friends, Will and Grace, Star Trek, Dr. Who

Favorite Books

The Firebringer Trilogy, Alex Verus Series, Neverwhere, Sphere, Pirate Latitudes, Galaxy of Fear series, Dragonlance

Favorite Writers

Benedict Jacka, Neil Gaiman, me.

Favorite Games

Fallout (NV, 4), Elder Scrolls (Skyrim, Oblivion), Diablo (1,2,3), KOTOR, AC (Syndicate, Black Flag, Valhalla), Sonic, Toejam&Earl, Golden Sun/Lost Age