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mild language

World War III

By BigMinionD

131 0 0 6049

David lived a normal life. Or at least, as normal a life you can have in a world war. But when shadow creatures threaten David's life and friends, he has to leave the safety of his home and join the ongoing war...and discover the key to winning the war.

The Southern Magicks

By Geek_Aflame

31950 0 0 0

A close encounter with death dramatically changes Dexter’s life. The brutal demon attack forcing him to face his ability to see the dead. With his secret in the open reluctant Dexter is forced to work for the magical detective agency ran by his family. He...


By TobiMercer

2241 0 0 2502

Olyvia was more than content to forget her past and move on. But life doesn't always play along.