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Sci Fi

Swords and Sci-Fi: A Space Saga

By shydaringdeer

912 1 0 1116

Power is decentralized in the sprawling expanse of the Void Dominion, otherwise known as the Empire, which held a strange balance of power, with house-on-house warfare springing up on worlds across the galaxy. The space feudal fiefdom of Graue Welt is one...

Peripheral Loss

By Noons

99979 0 0 7129

Tay is a restless drug addict in dire need of a new beginning, somewhere beyond the reach of the cult that claimed her from birth, and the mother that wants to use her as their prophet, but a concrete wall fills her horizon, trapping her inside with everyone...

Rise of an Empire

By elfindel69

48113 0 0 9489

In 2011 AD a group of Ossars gathered in a huge capital ship is cruising of the Earth. This group has a mission, forge a new empire on a galaxy-scale. Will they succeed ?

Amaya the Bounty Hunter

By AbyssDepth

3156 0 0 2475

Amaya is just another lowly person trying to survive on Absalom Station. But she is a Pahtra and she is proud. She is eager to claw her way out from the depths of the station and make a name for herself. And she's more then willing to become a hired gun to...