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The Mortal Lands: Summer Camp 22 Edition!

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The Flock of Ignatius IV

Hello! I am a writer who likes to write things!   I'm not big on D&D, but I love creating stories and extravagant worlds to explore every little detail of. Actually writing all this down, however, is an expedition in and of itself.

Favorite Books

I've been reading/listening to Discworld recently. I've got a lot of other classic favorites, but I haven't dedicated a lot of time to reading new stories recently.   In terms of nonfiction/research books, I can't reccomend The Apostasy that Wasn't (by Rod Bennett) Enough.

Favorite Games

Have you heard of the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV-   I tend towards Nintendo games and RPGs, although I'm a bit picky with what I play because I love to complete games, but I hate games with ridiculous and grindy completion criteria. Most recent game I've beaten is Psychonauts 2, and I want to go play the first one now!

Latest Loved work

Desolation Ruins

Jiehgied's ruins

Ruins of the Persan Achaemenid Empire

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