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Low magic

Shield of Spheros

By NathaliaBooks1993

8998 0 0 59079

A wanderer set foot on the sandy road towards Spheros, what kind of change will she bring to the town and what kind of change will the town bring to her?

The were-dragon of Hercynia

By Malagiso

7341 0 0 78841

Volusius has had only one wish since he lost himself as a child in the forest of Hercynia. His wish is granted when one day the mysterious Varuclezia offers to help him slay the dragon of Hercynia, which has ravaged his home town three times. They both set...

Giants in the Deep

By Pickleknight

12862 0 0 2315

Some search for adventure their entire lives, but never find it. Others find adventure thrust upon them with little warning. For Marek, adventure took him like a petty thief and cast him into a dark and threatening abyss with no escape in sight. Marek must...