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Fan fiction


By Shaudawn

3495 3 0 6172

The ink has only just dried on the Treaty of Surrender. The last of the rescue ships flying over Serenity Valley have finally stopped trying to distinguish between them that need rescue, and them that need burial. And it will be some time before a young...

Remnant: Twilight (Book 1)

By ReaverArklight

1360 0 0 14321

Join the Adventures of Twilight Sparkle in a gritty retelling of the much beloved childrens story and series MLP. Explore a similar story told in a way more befitting of adult audience. Explore new Locations, learn new stories, witness new characters and events....

Our darkest days

By DoctorEnigmaROC

1275 0 0 971

The metaverse always seemed like it was in a perpetual state of peace. No real crisis ever showed up for us. But while everything seemed peaceful, a dark force is slowly manipulating the board trying to gain an advantage. And if he wins the peace everyone...

A Longshot Home

By Camture350

860 0 0 6847

Cameron’s just another college student living in the same hometown for the last nine years. He can’t do anything special like playing an instrument, or getting straight 4.0s; so why would anyone consider him special? And heck, he’d be the first to tell you...

I'll Be Your Soldier

By moonflower-writing

1388 0 0 0

"I'll Be Your Soldier" is an Aldnoah.Zero fanfiction by Cedar Lowell, made for their personal enjoyment.