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I was born on the dusty plains within the Yellowstone River valley where I chased antelope & jackrabbits, and scared unwary foxes. Its sandstone rock made my bones. Its water, born of geysers, made my blood. Its cottonwoods wove my skin. Its winds filled my lungs with air.   Eventually I went to the Southwest deserts to learn. I returned north, and eventually came under the shadow of the mountain properly called Takhoma, the Mother of Waters where I pretend to do important things.

Interests & Hobbies

definitely World Building, but also writing, cycling and/or hiking, hot springs, very small rocks

Favorite Movies

Children of Men, Serenity

Favorite TV Series

Firefly, Dark Matter (first season), Black Mirror, Stargate: SGU Adventure Time (took me a while to see the genius of it); Greatest Warriors (favorite: Catbug!!!)

Favorite Books

The Martian Chronicles, The Road (Cormac McCarthy); Ready Player 1; Saga (Brian K. Vaughn) [b]Currently Reading:[/b] Foundation by Isaac Asimov [b]Current Audio Book:[/b] 21 Lessons for the 21[sup]st[/sup] Century by Yuval Noah Harari

Favorite Writers

Ken Lieu, Hugh Howey, Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury; Brian K. Vaughn

Favorite Games


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