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mild fantasy violence

The King's Playground

By Il'lihan

236 0 0 0

Edward Otherworld had wished to break free from Gaisgaich's borderline opressive governement and millitary. He had wished that, by doing so, he could bring with him those who held simmilar beliefs, and in a way that was what happened. The declaration fo...

The Secret Dance

By Nebulous

310 0 0 15089

[This story and its characters used to be associated with Sulore, another of our worlds here on WA. However, we have since retconned the story and connected it with Adarus, which is now public. A few minor details (such as location names and races) have changed...

The Inkshadow Saga

By Alva_Inkshadow

237 0 0 0

Sandwiched between the frozen wastelands of the North and the unexplored wilderness of the South, the kingdom of Rhuvaal is in decline. After the ancient Inkshadow monarchy fell, a coalition of corrupt, power-hungry nobles arose to seize control for themselves....


By WhatWhat

253 0 0 10089

Olyvia was more than content to forget her past and move on. But life doesn't always play along.

Book 1: The Sacred War

By Scarlsen

197 0 0 1985

The War of the Mascyrian and Kostian Leagues, a war between perceived good and perceived evil. A war that would shape the region for the next 1,000 years and many beyond that. Story of the fall of Aleus of Mellia and the Rise of the great hero Gordian the...