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M.J. Tremblay | Member Since 15 Oct, 2018
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M. J. Tremblay is my pen name, I'm a sci-fi nerd applying my political science degree to stories and worldbuilding!  

My Worlds

Parastellis: My main world, far-future sci-fi with human offshoots, aliens, and uplifted raccoons. In the wake of an apocalyptic war and interstellar dark age, national sovereignty is considered an existential threat and civilization is united in the Stellar Compact. But will it last? (Active project)
  The Anthropocene: Centuries after modern capitalist civilization collapsed from resource depletion and climate breakdown, new societies emerge across the forever-changed landscape of North America. In a world of ruined cities, megastorms, and hyperthermic death zones, can our descendants rebuild after their ancestors stole the future? (Back burner, needs an overhaul at some point.)

Favorite Movies

Jurassic Park/World series, MCU, The Martian, Air Force One

Favorite TV Series

Star Trek (Next Generation / DS9 / Voyager / Enterprise), Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Longmire, Cobra Kai

Favorite Games

Minecraft 4 lyfe (the more mods the better!), Kerbal Space Program


Latest Loved work

Out of the Cradle

Tihala Trees

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