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In the world of Eulareos and Nerean

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Rise to Kincardine

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Kingdom left to ruin, stripped of his title. Renault is summoned to the kingdom of Eulareos to determine his future position in the realm. Now given the opportunity to acquaint himself with the Eulareos heir, Renault is placed in an uncertain situation next to the crown. After a rocky start, the two are sent away to investigate conflicting reports from the southern border. Mentions of uprisings and allegations against the Eulareos crown have set the kingdom on edge.
  In the attempt to secure his future and regain status in his nation, Renault exercises his military experience to aid Prince Emilien in ensuring peace of the southern regions and the longevity of the new Eulareos borders. Trying to disregard the previous actions of the nation against his people, he gains an unlikely ally.

Table of Contents

  Chapter One: Eulareos