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Foxfire: An Orphan's Dream

By GoddessOfFakku

833 2 0 9814

Saki Ironfox is a world-class, famous blacksmith (or so she'd have you think) who has a chance encounter with Flame Elemental Emarosa, The Goddess of Flames. As the two learn more about each other they unweave the many strands of time and how their life's...

Whispers of Nature

By Fizzybrat

6018 0 0 15282

In the enchanting world of "Whispers of Nature," Thalia, a thyrsus mage with a deep connection to the natural world, embarks on a journey of profound discovery. Her path leads her to the heart of an ancient forest, where she encounters Silvan—a captivating...

The Gods of Dragons: Book 1, Fire and Ice

By dragonshadow58

200061 13 11 181615

[Note: Feedback wanted. This is a first draft  awaiting edits, so the perfect time to clarify and fix issues.] Millennia have passed since the death of the dragons, their loss reshaping the world. From the destruction, the kingdom of man has risen into a...