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Science Fiction,


By J. I. Rogers

3805 2 0 5468

Vorta Botanical, a research site deep inside the toxic jungle known as 'The Seep' goes silent. Colonel Kael Sunde and his crew are ill-equipped to survive the hostile environment and insurgents facing their search and rescue mission.

Legacy: The Ministry of Fire , Part 1

By Uruks

8684 0 0 174592

What if Fairies and Dragons weren't legends, but aliens visiting our planet and inspiring our myths of old? After discovering intergalactic travel, humanity now lives alongside these fairytales and accepts them as a part of everyday life. Legacy is the perfect...

Second Wind: Book 1 - Wake at Dawn

By Asdradan

4206 0 0 33109

Tzera awakens to a living world after spending her life in a dying city. Her whole species, the Lendari, set adrift on their planet’s starless corpse; cast into the void away from their home galaxy. Buying thousands of years through carefully managed stasis...

Humanities first contact gone Oh, So Right (old)

By Akmedrah

1246 0 0 0

Allan embarks on the adventure that he has always dreamed of. Adventure, Danger and Out of this world beauties... Literally. Join Allan and his compatriots as they adventure across the galaxy. [b][i]PLEASE NOTE:[/i] The world that this manuscript is connected...