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The 400-Million Year Host

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The past has an odd and sometimes cruel way of changing the future.
  In the hot lands of Mesopotamia, the archeological find of a century is uncovered and changes the entire history of the world. For the worse, unfortunately. As ancient machines, hundreds of millions of years old and made from technology more advanced than our own, are discovered across the Earth, people's minds and personalities begin to change and morph into something unrecognizable. Something distinctly inhuman.
  Amid a changing world that has set a course toward self-destruction, two archeologists, Ashley Michaels and Issac West, find themselves as perhaps the only potential saviors of mankind from a seemingly unstoppable threat. In their journey to find logic in chaos, they will uncover the secrets of long-dead civilizations, the history of the Earth's past, and humanity's placement in a universe of uncertainty, a place where nothing is as it seems on the surface.
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