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Kaiju Kojin | Member Since 8 Jan, 2020
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Kaiju Kojin was released from Monster Island after a virus infected humanity, and there were no more resources to take care of the Kaiju.    As many went their separate ways and further destruction... Kaiju Kojin was fascinated with the humans and the things they make, so he decided to live up to his namesake, and use his kaiju powers for good.    Having found a cave close to the city, he worked out an agreement with the mayor that closed off traffic and clear a path for him to shop at the stores. As he reveals he's capable of changing his density, and thusly his size; allowing him to enter whatever stores he pleases.

Favorite Movies

Kaiju and Sentai series, both subs and dubs. I also like a lot of older 80's swords and sorcery films. One of my favorite as a child was called "The DungeonMaster" (or Ragewar).

Favorite TV Series

Conan the barbarian, Beastmaster, Mortal Kombat, Xena and Hercules, Really cheesy action-packed shows.

Favorite Books

Sword of Shannara series, Xanth, anything by Christopher Moore,

Favorite Writers

Terry Brooks, Ben Bova, Larry Niven, Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clark, Carlos Castaneda,

Latest Loved work

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