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Fantasy, Steampunk

Of Slaans and Scales

By Keon Croucher

970 2 2 8298

[i]Humble beginnings, such are the way things begin. Who now hasn't heard of the Port Renis Renegades, the four companions of great fame all across the Scale Spire borderlands and all about the continent of Wyriel in general. Yet these four individuals have...

Operation Palingenese

By Midnightplay

23263 4 1 17907

Die Macht von Seelendämonen ist verführerisch und begehrt. Operation Palingenese ist der Inbegriff dieser Verführung und der Blindheit, die damit einhergehen kann. Richard Thal, seines Zeichens Forscher und Korrektor, findet sich inmitten dieser Machtspiele...

Black Street's Secret; Book 1 of the Tales of the Iron-side Misfits

By Keon Croucher

7829 0 0 12102

Ever since losing his brother's entire family, Andras has harbored a grudge against the shadowy organization known as the Black Street Butchers. Killers for hire whom are based in his home city of Geata-Iarainn, though they work all across Suranth for enough...

The Fairy and the Assassin

By WolfofWinter

8403 0 0 2860

Ashly is a young fairy who has a Goddess on her side. Faris is a human assassin with a target on his back. This is a story about how they met and fell for one another, even though they are from different worlds. There will be ups and downs but will love...

The Land of Rain and Castles


24658 0 0 11977

[quote]"Surely you’ll stay to hear of the story, the true story, of this our land of rain and castles?..."[/quote] [hr] [in]The Land of Rain and Castles is a fantasy novel that confronts the traumas of a realm wracked by demons that even the gods themselves...

Operation: Sublimierung

By Midnightplay

55256 1 0 14560

Richard Thal, seines Zeichens Forscher und Korrektor, hat erneut einen Auftrag. Forschungsergebnisse sicherzustellen und eine Person außer Landes zu schleusen ist der Kern von Operation Sublimierung. Der vorliegende Bericht behandelt aber auch neue Erkenntnisse...

Fires of Valdara: Shenanigoons Campaign 1

By Nerdsmith

5744 0 0 2

A D&D actual play podcast starring five adventurers across the sea in an industrial city called Ashport. They are Proctors, aka adventurers on the payroll of the Birchfield Institute, tasked with collecting dangerous magical artifacts.

Fall of the Abyss

By Korean303

4354 0 0 4311

Hatred, oppression, prosecution. Words like these could barely come to describe the atrocities caused by one individual. One who lead an Empire of the Sky. This man was known by one name, King. The society of the Abyss is far more advanced than the other...