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Encounters of the Archaic Sort

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A recount of Krisdi Varalei's chilling adventures with the beings known as archaics, the volume is always growing in size. It is uncertain whether it will ever be finished. Explore different worlds and domains as Krisdi, experiencing everything along with them, from reincarnation to death and life.

The Archaics have been around since the beginning, some older than others. They include the forces of nature itself, as well as emotions, elements, and more. They often choose certain people to bestow traits or blessings upon, essentially shaping who they are. They are not gods, as much as others make them out to be. Rather, they are the embodiment of their elements; spirits. They are not immortal nor invincible. The death or removal of an archaic being from Yudryae may upset the balance, but after some time it will naturally right itself once more.

The stories of the archaics have been passed down through generations. There are many variations of these stories from different cultures around the planet. The most famous volume is known by the name of the Luminary Tales and includes legends, myths, and chronicles that reveal much about archaic and luminary pasts.

You cannot claim to know an archaicl until you have met them in person. None of them are quite how you would expect them to be, and you must be aware of this.
— Krisdi Varalei, Author of The Primal Tales