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Wheeled Armored Vehicles

Slapping Peeled Tanks While Leopards Eat My Face, Part 2

Slapping Peeled Tanks While Leopards Eat My Face

Hi there! I'm the local tank nerd, at your service! I have two main worlds, which I will upload here in great detail (hopefully), to finally make all the info easily accessible to the world.   Feel free to talk to me (please do) about anything, I like to think that I'm easy to get along with. You can find me in the official World Anvil discord server!  

Interests & Hobbies

tanks, scale modelling, music, writing, drawing, tabletop games

Favorite Movies

White Tiger, Tankers (Unzerstörbar), T-34, Gamer, Pacific Rim, Godzilla (King of the Monsters), The Last Unicorn

Favorite Books

Book Architecture by Stuart Horwitz, Story by Robert McKee

Favorite Writers

Tom Clancy

Favorite Games

World of Tanks, Sims 4, FFXIV


Latest Loved work

Useless Infantry Terms


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