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End of Days Session Reports

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17 years after the Illithid invaded, life keeps going-- despite the apocalyptic nature of the Illithid's invasion. A group of strangers finds themselves wandering through City 20's mysterious cults and criminal organizations, all while trying to avoid the ever-present gaze of their Illithid overseers. The story follows Radmar, the disgraced Eladrin Paladin of Selune; Dianna, the prideful Earth Genasi dancer; Gesiqu'h Lane Chlareq, a disgruntled human teen born on the day of the Illithid Invasion; Andrea, the cursed Dhampir bounty hunter; and Patches Bam Bam, the homesick harengon clown. This is a compilation of session summaries of the D&D campaign "End of Days," set in the homebrew setting of the same name. The early chapters were written as notes for the DM/author to refer back to; however, the tone shifts quickly as the summaries started to be shared with the players.