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Victoria Stone | Member Since 26 Feb, 2018
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Hello, thanks for stopping by my page! My name's Tori and I'm a roleplayer and writer using World Anvil to build multiple worlds both for RP campaigns and various personal writing projects.   Currently; my primary world is Viridescence. It's a futuristic world that has achieved a technologic utopia through advanced green technology and renewable energy, but the fabric of that stable society has been torn apart by the recent discovery of extradimensional magic. Viridescence is a Science Fantasy with a theme that boasts a sunny solarpunk flavor contrasted against stark alien horror.       Viridescence Current State: Rough first outline for a novel is finished. The detailed world foundation/scaffolding is in-tact.   Viridescence Next Steps: Cataloging a library of world building to breathe depth into all the behind-the-scenes scaffolding that is finished. Revise and create a 2nd draft of novel outline.  


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