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Historical Fiction

The Road to New Echota

By Kanati

220 0 0 10259

Historical fiction set in the years leading up to the Anglo Cherokee War on the southwestern frontiers of the Britain’s Atlantic colonies. The spiritual and social trajectory of Yona-usdi’s life-path is forever changed when a vicious and disfiguring disease...

Into the Lion's Den

By Kanati

147 0 0 25065

Prior to 1760 the term Americans, referred exclusively to the indigenous peoples of the new world. The rebranding of England’s rebellious colonists as Americans was not the first act of cultural appropriation, nor the last, but it might be the most shameful....

Amazons at Troy

By gfishbone

32 0 0 8307

As the Trojans bury their Prince Hector and Achilles mourns his Patroclus, a tragically misthrown javelin brings Queen Penthesileia and her crew of Amazon warriors to the besieged city of Ilion and into the next stage of the Trojan War. This long-erased...

Becoming Hercules

By gfishbone

463 0 0 17011

The spawn of a dragon. The disgraced daughter of a powerful merchant. A small-statured soldier. An apprentice seer. In seven-gated Thebes, they will gather to redeem their honor, save their kingdom, and uncover secrets and truths along the way. With one foot...

Of Christians and Pagans

By Kurrano

275 0 0 958

"The history of France begins with Clovis." -Charles de Gaulle "A King is like a wild beast, he answers to no one but god" -Clovis to his sons (quote to put in the story)

The Society of Educated Gentlewomen Book 1

By Janet

27 0 0 67381

Head-in-the-clouds Beth is obsessed with history, and would far rather read and fantasize about the past than the string of suitors and balls she's dragged to by Mrs "Matchmaker" Haughten, her mother's best friend. But when a visit to the opera ends in a murder,...

Yllvalion Codex

By RiverFang

263 0 0 464

Written by Elves and kept in the keep of Yllvalion, the Yllvalion Codex is one of the most complete histories of Isekai outside of those kept by the Metallic Dragons and the Sphinxes respectively. Here, excerpts from across the world are collected, slowly...

Thuringia Rises

By mrcheevus

305 0 0 51462

Bisinus is a young man, hardly old enough to swing a sword yet here he is, caught up in a war bigger than anything he could have dreamed of, fighting for the very monsters who forced his family and people to flee their seaside villages far to the north. Yet,...

Athizo of the Northern Twin


67 0 0 68

In the early years of the Time of Three Athizo was the City-Lord of the Northern Twin.

Until Valhalla

By SgtVapes

319 0 0 38846

Thordon Arnthorson and his Danish Viking clan is attacked by the Wessex army at their home. The Wessex army is lead by Lord Sawein, a man who furiously hates and despises all pagans and heathens in the land and wishes to be rid of them for good. Sawein uses...