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Drake Ragon

Drake Ragon | Member Since 28 Feb, 2019
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Interests & Hobbies

~~~~> reading, writing, worldbuilding .. (doh :D)
~~~~> Mythology (Norse especially)
~~~~> Pen and Paper (as player and designer)
~~~~> medieval festivals and markets
~~~~> cooking
~~~~> forests, deep nature

~~~~> metal / (hard)rock music as well as film music, epic music, some GOA, piano and cello music, blues and jazz.

Favorite Movies

How to tame a dragon, Lord of the rings, Harry Potter, The Expendables, Transformers, Bud Spencer / Terence Hill – movies, Kingsman, Django, School of Rock, Fast and Furious, MCU, R.E.D., Matrix …

Favorite TV Series

~~~~> The Blacklist, Sherloc, Modern Family, Avatar the last airbender, Rick and Morty, Dragonriders of Berg, Hawaii 5’O, Braking Bad …
~~~~> animes in general

Favorite Writers

Markus Heitz, JKR, Brent Weeks, Trudi Canavan, Sarah J. Maas

Favorite Games