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YY HD Book 1 - Hidden Secrets

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In Leigrebath, the stroansians, an alien species from another dimension, rule with a nuclear fist. There is no room for rebellion nor should any citizen trust the corrupt neighboring cities. They claim that they are the only ones capable of protecting humanity, but the grosants see it the opposite way.
  Aiden Shadowlocke is a rebel spy tasked with stopping doomsday for the world. His goal? Jump back in time and stop the plot to destroy the very city that caused doomsday in the first place. He just has to convince his "hostage" that the stroansians are pure evil and don't care about humanity. That shouldn't be too hard. Right?
  When Calsifer Winterborne discovers that his co-worker is a rebel spy, he is thrust into a world of conspiracies and corruption he never thought existed in his home country of Leigrebath.
  Are these two the only beings standing between world destruction and salvation? Which path will they take?

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