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Hidden Origins Twisted Words Equal Twisted Minds...

5 Caal, 6428 Era of the Fallen (FE)

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This Is A Disclaimer And Comes At A Hard Time For D&D Fans.
  I'm pretty sure many of you have heard about the OGL 1.1 replacing the OGL 1.0 or Opening Gaming Licence. If you have not, here is a list explaining why OGL 1.1 is bad (posted directly from the Erenel discord):  
  • All creators earning over $50,000 per year must report their earnings to WotC.
  • Revenue (not profit) made in excess of $750,000 in a calendar year is subject to 20% or 25% royalties. The 20% is from negotiations with Kickstarter.
  • WotC automatically has a claim to anything you create. You must submit all your work to them before publishing thru D&DBeyond. They can also take it and repackage it however they please.
  • Anything that is not a PDF or Book is not allowed outside the fan policy. This means VTTs, phone apps, etc.
  • ANY PAST OGL IS REVOKED. Despite the original intent of OGL 1.0a, WotC will no longer honor the agreement claiming it is “deauthorized.” While this could be fought in court, WotC is planning to use their army of lawyers and mountains of cash to bully smaller creators. Expect years of appeals and injunctions.
  • An important reminder. This is for EVERY edition. Expect things to get nasty.
  • Since there is a huge possibility of OGL 1.0 being replaced by OGL 1.1 and taking away a lot of rights for the fan community of D&D and potentially causing harm to a lot of content creators out there, I am deciding to step away from D&D permanently and transfer everything I use over to Pathfinder 2e.   I personally condone OGL 1.1 and have lost respect for WotC, and while they are going to be explaining the OGL 1.1 -- let's all be honest, they're just covering their arses now and trying to save face -- I still cannot run the risk of OGL 1.1 being real and taking my rights away as a homebrew creator. I also want to clarify that WotC will NEVER own the Darkness Moon Chronicles universe, Hidden Origins universe, Eqen universe, or the Raining Fire universe.   Please be patient as I take the time to transfer notes, stats, and gaming mechanics to Pathfinder 2e.

    Operation Dimi

    During WorldEmber 2022, the wonderful Dimi will be giving out missions to those who spend 25,000 anvils (found underneath the chat box on twitch) during their livestreams to redeem a mission. Just link your world and Dimi will give you a mission shortly after.


    This Part is for Dimi:

    This world is has been rewritten multiple times due a few constroversies. Some articles may be in private mode, but still feel free to give me a mission for anything.

    The sound of gun shots and lazers echoed overhead. Dust and debris were coating the air as the roar of a ship engine sounded close. You peer over the edge of a metal container you hide behind and see the enemy approaching. As you crouch back down, you wipe away the sweat that coats your brow. You had one chance to stop the enemy from advancing toward your base. It was now or never...
    One thousand years after a portal to Eozania opened and the stroansians' and grosants' crossed over into the lands of Thaouta. With them, the stroansians and grosants brought a devastating war, pushing the countries of Thaouta to choose a side.   Welcome to Thaouta, where war is all that is ever known....  
    Map of Thaouta

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    The Hidden Origins is a world designed around D&D, created by Wizards of the Coast. Information about D&D can be found on the official site, and game mechanics can be studied in the Basic Rules.   AmeliaNite, the author, can regularly be found on her twitter.