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The Hidden Origins is currently undergoing reconstruction. Please bear with Amelia Nite as things move around and get situated in their new home. Some names, places, items, etc. are also in the process of changing, so some article titles are inconsistent currently.

Hidden Origins Twisted Words Equal Twisted Minds...

5 Caal, 6428 Era of the Fallen (FE)

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The sound of gun shots and lazers echoed overhead. Dust and debris were coating the air as the roar of a ship engine sounded close. You peer over the edge of a metal container you hide behind and see the enemy approaching. As you crouch back down, you wipe away the sweat that coats your brow. You had one chance to stop the enemy from advancing toward your base. It was now or never...
One thousand years after a portal to Eozania opened and the stroansians' and grosants' crossed over into the lands of Thaouta. With them, the stroansians and grosants brought a devastating war, pushing the countries of Thaouta to choose a side.   Welcome to Thaouta, where war is all that is ever known....  
Map of Thaouta

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The Hidden Origins is a world designed around D&D, created by Wizards of the Coast. Information about D&D can be found on the official site, and game mechanics can be studied in the Basic Rules.   AmeliaNite, the author, can regularly be found on her twitter.