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Leigrebath (Lie-gr̃eh-bath)

Cal Winterborne: "War may be at our doorstep, but we're not going down that easily. Kourians are fierce, loyal, and stubborn. If anything, we'll win this war and be home in time for supper!"

  Leigrebath is a grassy region with large forests taking up the north and western corners of the region that is home to the Kourians. Well known for its lake towns, Leigrebath is teeming with diverse life. Unlike the regions to the south, Leigrebath is the only country to run itself like a utopia for its citizens.  
Fun fact: Most of book 1 of the Hidden Duology takes places in Leigrebath.


Most of Leigbrebath is made up of grassy plains and forests, there are a few mountains hidden to the southwestern boarder near Streirune. Cold, frigid temperatures are surprising for the southeastern portion of the region where the area is a savanna, spreading out into grasslands and then into a temperate forest and finally into a taiga forest.  

Wescier Cavern

Hidden deep within the Wescier Cavern is the Wescier Chasm, a portal to the stroansian and grosant homeworld, Eozania. The cavern is protected by loyal Kourians, who see it as a royal landmark that marked the beginning of the Kourian Dominion.

Endless Lakes
The abundance of lake towns should instantly draw forth the image of multiple lakes, except there are only two lakes known in Leigrebath — Cornoniaqui Lake and Nuvuspori Lake.   Cornoniaqui Lake is the largest lake, creating a wide berth for many lake towns to build trading ports. Nuvuspori Lake is a quite smaller lake that provides fantastic tourist resorts within the lake towns that reside around it.

Political Landscape

Aiden Shadowlocke: "Death and ruin have followed the stroansians everywhere. Yet, nobody seems to acknowledge the desperate attempts to squash people's dreams."

For as long as one can remember, Leigrebath has been overrun with war, causing catastrophic damage to the landscape. The Kourians see their homeland as a scarred veteran, brave and adaptable. No matter how much of erosion occurs, Leigrebath stands tall.  
Kourian Dominion
Afte the stroansians arrived and established peace with humans, they began building the Kourian Dominion, a faction of peace and harmony. The humans were happy the comply, constructing new towns and mining for resources. Over the centuries, the Kourian Dominion redesigned Leigrebath in the utopia of Thaouta. The citizens see their homeland as the birth of a new beginning once the stroansians revealed themselves.  
Before the stroansians arrived, Leigrebath was barely standing; the soils were toxic and wildlife was scarce as the lakes and rivers were drying up. Then, the portal opened and the stroansians arrived, offering to fix the region. With ancient mana, the stroansians began fertalizing the soils, growing flora, and drawing water from the underground lakes to restore the surface lakes and rivers.
However, humans who saw mana as toxic and dangerous, vowed to educate their brethren of the atrocities that the stroansians were creating. They formed together and founded the Brethren of Sanctity. The new religious faction sought only one thing — the abolishment of mana throughout the world. They would first start with the stroansians, and then moving onto whatever non-humans used mana.
The War Across Time

Aiden Shadowlocke: "Don't underestimate what losing one's freedom and rights can do to a man."

Sometime after the Kourian Dominion was formed, rumors of the DPO began to emerge in the Kourian Military. Precise assassinations popped up all over Leigrebath. Due to stroansian bloodline, all stroansians and awakened essetids were able to spot changes within history, things that should have never happened.   With history changing at random, the Kourian Military began making evidence files of the changes, including changes to the topography of Leigrebath. None of the changes seemed to add up. What was so important about Leigrebath that the DPO sought to change everything? Kourians who know of the changes work to get history back on track and even took precautions from DPO captives, now learning that the DPO had access to time travel.
by GDJ (Pixabay)

To identify a member of the DPO, one must find the DPO tattoo on a DPO member and hold a uv-ray light over it to make it spin, as it does above.

Zalgi Empire
For as long as the war has raged in Leigrebath, the Zalgi Empire has slipped in through the southeastern border and fought the Kourian mIlitary. The Kourians have constantly outed that the empire wants nothing more than to destroy the Kourian Dominion, regardless of what stands in the way, including frigid plains to the north.  
With the Archstroansians in charge of everything political and geographical, they are the ones to spread the news of any changes or shortages. Archstroansian Adoel is at the head of the Archstroansians, vowing to radically fix the damage. While the Archstroansians never show their faces in public, they do make radioshow appearances and inform their public with newletters.  
"We remain perplexed by the onslaught of terrorism that runs through our land. Be they the cries of rage from our citizens or mass damage to the southern border, we'll do everything in our power to overpower this vulgar threat and return Leigrebath back to its former glory!"
— Adoel, Archstroansian Head
There are four Archstroansians in total, one banished due to conflicting morals. Jackal was a former Archstroansian, and the youger twin brother of Adoel. Despite what the Archstroansians promise, Jackal claims their ideologies and "rightous" speeches are nothing more than brainwashing. However, Jackal cannot claim himself to be as innocent as he looks since he is in charge of the Zalgi Empire.   Jackal works as a general and king to the Zalgians, ordering the military strikes against the Kourian Dominion, and is personally responsible for the destruction of most of Leigrebath's topography. He holds no ill will for the citizens, but anyone, or anything that stands in his way of overthrowing Adoel and the Kourian Dominion will be removed.
by Amelia Nite (Paint)
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Utopia or Dystopia?

The Kourian Dominion would have you believe that it is a utopian country built upon renewal and happiness. But there is evidence that pokes holes in their "lies." The DPO has uncovered various flaws in the faction they built, including the use of resources found throughout Leigrebath. The more resources that they take, the worse things become. The land is slowly drying up, with sinkholes beginning to form. Fish and other aquatic resources are also disappearing.   It is only a matter of time before nothing can be replenished...
Kourian Dominion
Organization | Dec 18, 2022
Ethnicity Template | Dec 2, 2022
War for Thaouta
Military Conflict | Oct 27, 2022
by Vyacheslav Shatskiy (Unsplash)


The Nuclear Fallout

Acording to historical records from the DPO, the town of Mupunko is wiped off the map sometime during the mid-6429 NE by the stroansians. This horrific event is said to have initiated the War for Thaouta, which continues to reign up until the 6770s TE. In one is a DPO member, they will access to a DPO bunker hidden somewhere in Mupunko, now considered a nuclear fallout zone.

The tragic bombing of Mupunko hang over the Kourian Dominion's head today. Over 2,000 citizens resided within the lake town. What shocks the Dominion the most is who did this, and why? Many suspect the Zalgi Empire is responsible, but are we for certain? There have been no records or reports of the Zalgi Empire working on any new inventions that could cause such catastrophic results such as this.   The first clue comes in as radiation has been seeping out of Mupunko and toward the surrounding towns and villages since the bombing. Those who survived the explosion have shown symptoms of horrific burns, mutations, and high levels of radiation. This merely begs the question - what on Thaouta's green soil lead to this?
— clipping from the Aurora Times
by Alexey Malakhov (Unsplash)
Map of Thaouta

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forest in leigrebath: Vyacheslav Shatskiy (Unsplash)
lake in leigrebath: Secret Travel Guide (Unsplash)
leigrebath flag: Amelia Nite (Paint)
dpo tattoo: GDJ (Pixabay)
nuclear fallout zone: Alexey Malakhov (Unsplash)

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