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War for Thaouta

Not much is known about this war. Those who have lived through it as said to be roaches, people who contain deformities and live in underground bunkers. For those remaining on the surface, the stroansians refer to them being similar to cockroaches, except worse.   The war began sometime during 6431 of the Tepyre Era (TE), when the Kourian Dominion had drained Thaouta of 95% of its resources, leaving it nothing but a wasteland filled with global climate change. The sun would bake the earthen ground as if it were an egg on a hot stovetop, water was dried to nearly nothing, and radiation poured out from each of the major cities and towns. Most of humanity could not survive the deadly conditions of the surface and were driven underground. Populations dwindled and the poor were treated as garbage. This was the end of Thaouta.   As the years went by, small changes were noticeable, but only by those with stroansian or grosant blood in their veins. It turns out that the DPO were using their time agents to alter the events of the past, rewritting things for the better. It is unknown if their tactics are working. However, the stroansians now live in large galatic ships outside Thaouta's atmosphere, hiding away from the threats the DPO present.
Quick Facts
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Start Date:
6431 TE
End Date:
Conflict Results:
The War is still ongoing, but the humans and other non-stroansians are struggling to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.
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