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All that lives and dies in the natural environments of the Cosmos. You can find all non-sophontic plants and animals here, cataloged and categorized into Seawatch's vast book repositories and archives under its standards for scholarly research.   The Fauna stacks are devoted entirely to the three primary classifications used to organize animalistic life: Beasts which are categorized into Passive, Territorial, and Domesticated species; Monsters grouped by their commonly shared characteristics; and Elementals which are categorized by the primary Elements they embody.   Meanwhile, the Flora stacks contain a great multitude of classifications for the Cosmos' diverse plant life. Oranized into the following broad groups: Algae, Cacti, Crops, Flowers, Fruits, Fungi, Grasses, Herbs, Moss, Roots, Spices, and Trees.
— Elias Dods, A Tour of the Grand Archive and Repository


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