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Greetings Realmhopper,

It appears you have tread upon a secret most foul and elusive, one that I myself now seek to shield from you. Yet, perhaps I am wrong, and you are not so faint of heart. Maybe you are the sort that cannot abide by the mystery posed by such a tantalizing secret. Perhaps you are a kindred soul to mine, in pursuit of all the knowledge this cosmos has to offer. Do you seek to lift back the veil and gaze upon the universe laid bare? I ask of you, to what ends are you willing to go in this endless quest? Would you travel to the ends of this world and the next? Or will you turn back and brave less treacherous waters?
Now you must choose, onward or backward?

Warm Regards,

Elias Dods

--First Chronicler & Professor of Divination Studies


  • Grants access to Private Lore.
  • Grants the Lorekeeper Discord rank.
  • Patron Discord Channel.

Deep Lorekeeper

  • Grants access to Deep Lore.
  • Grants the Deep Lorekeeper Discord rank.
  • Access to vote on Content Polls.


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