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Within Ravare, there is no power greater than that of Theurgy, or Creation Magic. Those that are able to tap into this esoteric and often consuming source of power are able to perform feats that dwarf even the strongest magics. Users of Theurgy are given the title of Divine and are seen as literal gods by those around them. The ways to achieve Divinity are few and most would be considered impossible by the average inhabitant of Ravare.
Despite the difficulty of achieving Divinity their still exists hundreds, if not thousands, of unique Divine across all of Ravare and The Other Realms. Because of the many and varied Divine that can be encountered, mortals and Divine alike have taken to organize them based on their origin and number of Domains. Additional categorization created more by mortals than the Divine themselves, is that of Pantheons; a collection of Divine. While they supply no physical benefit, being part of a Pantheon helps assure at least a minimal protection from other Divine that may decide to hunt their own kin. Much of Ravare is dangerous for a young, lone Divine.

Divine Domains

Similar to how Arcana is broken up into various schools, Theurgy is broken up into separate Domains. The use of Theurgy is accessing one of these Domains and drawing power from it to change reality in a manner very similar to common magic. Each Divine has a set number of Domains they have access to, and each Domain can have several Divines that can access them. It is a common belief that a Domain shared by multiple Divine is far stronger than those only accessed by only a single Divine.
Domains naturally have a singular focus and can only alter the world when manipulating their Domain's core concepts. The "Fire Domain," for instance, would only affect flames, heat, or similar concepts. Because of this, Divines are only able to use their immense power to alter their particular sphere of influence. For this reason, a Divine of Flames cannot use Theurgy to bring about a flood. However, whatever skills a Divine had during their brief mortality, they also retain during their Divinehood. Such as a Magi who focused on Conjuration may still have the ability to conjure things from nothing. However, they cannot rely upon Theurgy as they remain restrained to the natural limitations of Arcana.

Worship and Faith

Theurgy is powered not only by the will of the Divine that uses it but by the collective worshippers devoted to that Domain. Worship within Ravare is the act of giving an individuals essence, or soul as it is most commonly known, to a single Divine so that they may grow stronger. However, in rare cases, some worship the Domain itself. In such instances, all Divine connected to that Domain benefit slightly from that mortal's worship rather than a single Divine. Most mortals worship Divines or Domains to help alter the world in their favor. A farmer might give worship to a Divine of Crops so that not only their crops grow exceptionally well, but crops across the region might benefit as well.
When a worshipper devotes their entire life to theological study and a select Divine, they are granted Faith in return. Faith, at its core, is the merest shred of energy from a Domain granted to a mortal by a Divine. Wielders of this Faith, known as Clerics or Priests, can use it in a manner very similar to how a Magi uses Arcana. This Faith, gifted by Theurgy, is still limited by their mortal form and, therefore, the laws of Arcana. Its limited power cannot be used at nearly the same intensity or reach as a Divine but is still capable of what some might consider miracles.



The Nine
A pantheon found across Solith and potentially beyondd.
ArgousEliasLamentNartiOulShadiymTeliaLord TennantUrlog

The Slaughter
A pantheon found in the wastelands of the Blistered Expanse of Haven.

The Unseen
A pantheon found primarily within the Throat of the World

Godbeasts of Solith
The various Godbeasts found on the continent of Solith.



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