Godbeast of Knowledge


Taking form as the Elephant Godbeast, Draaken is the Divine of Knowledge and Honor. Having disappeared for nearly three hundred years, many thought Draaken to have fallen to some greater threat. However, Draaken has been spotted all over Haven since his return in 79 of Fall.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

801 of Eld - Disappearance
Draaken disappears from Solith with no warning. The home of his followers, Draaken, is destroyed by an unknown assailant.
79 of Fall - Return
Draaken is spotted across Haven, with a majority of his sightings being traveling from the Verdant Expanse to the Solemn Expanse.
93 of Fall - Exodus
In search of his ancestors, Draaken tells his faith to wait for him as he takes a journey across Solith.

General Information

Divine Classification
Godbeast of Knowledge
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lord of the Elephants, Honorbound.

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